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More Literacy Tips

 Reading Together - a Reading Rockets video


 Stage-Specific Early Literacy Tips

Here are some things that you can do with your children at each age to get them ready to read:

Read to your baby aloud. It can be The New York Times, your latest Self Magazine, a plumbing manual or a Jodi Picoult novel. Just make sure to use a sweet, soothing voice!
Talk to your growing baby.
Play music – lots and lots of music.

Birth to 18 months
Expose your baby to many different languages.
Introduce board books – the hard pages are perfect for chewing and exploring.
Sing and say nursery rhymes.
Bouncing Rhymes teach syllables and rhythm.
Illustrations with bold outlines help your child at this age focus – ask your librarian for help finding these types of books.

Read 3 books a day – even if it’s the same book. Three is the magic number. Point out print wherever you go.
Show your little one that you love reading. Carve out book-time for yourself.
Use synonyms and descriptors to expand vocabulary.
Sing the ABC song to him. Sing songs you remember from childhood.
Teach them how to open a book, hold a book and turn a page.

Keep up the 3 books a day!
Devote each day to a different letter – find it everywhere.
Make alphabet soup.
Have your preschooler tell the story back to you once you’ve finished reading.
Try wordless picture books – this allows your child to “write” the story herself.