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Tips for New Parents


Congrats, Parents! What an exciting time for you.  If you’re looking for ways to utilize books and the library with your new baby, here are some suggestions.


Start a life-long love a books by getting your baby a library card today!

  • Read anything and everything to your babe in a gentle, but normal voice. 
  • Check out some of our board books – your little one learns that books are fun and not just for grown-ups.
  • Keep the focus on books and reading rather than media and computers until your baby turns 2. 
  • Model reading to your baby. Show him or her that you love reading, too!
  • Don’t worry if baby is distracted. Take a break and start again when he or she feels better.


Join us for a Baby Parent Rhyme Time at your local Lee County library. 

For more tips on raising a reader, see take a look at our Raising a Reader page.


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