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Your homework’s done, you’ve taken out the trash, and straightened up your room.
So now what?

It’s game time!

Take a peek at the right for a few of our favorite online games for kids.  There’s something for everyone!  If you’re tired of playing the same old games, try these new ones all about trivia, sports, science, cartoons, animals, and much more.  You just might find a new favorite! Game on!




Get silly and laugh out loud with a few jokes and riddles!  If you’re interested in even more laughs, your librarian can recommend more joke books at the library. 

What do you call a really small mouse?
A pip-squeak!

Why can’t you take an elephant to school?
Because he won’t fit in your backpack!

What does a farmer use in math class?
A cow-culator!

What animals talk too much?

What sound does a lion make when his throat hurts?
A sore roar!

You can find these jokes and lots more in “The Mighty Big Book of Jokes” by Craig Yoe.  Check out a copy from your library!

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 Internet Game Links

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